Pinched Nerve Treatment at Laser Spine Institute Can Be More Effective Than Traditional Methods

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    Pinched Nerve Treatment at Laser Spine Institute Can Be More Effective Than Traditional Methods

    If you’re suffering with a pinched nerve, the pain can be tremendous, and it can worsen if you so much as sneeze. Despite your intense discomfort, your doctor may have offered you pinched nerve treatment options that provide little to no immediate relief. MDs often suggest that you rest the part of your body where the pinch is occurring, but that might require you to miss extended stretches of work and other activities, and it may never lead to permanent healing of the nerve. They may also suggest physical therapy, which is an excellent option for some, but for others it may not provide total relief.

    Additionally, while the anti-inflammatory drugs they often prescribe may temporarily curb the pain, it only eliminates side effects, not the root cause of the problem. As a last resort some doctors will recommend surgery, but this open back procedure comes with a host of potential complications.  Luckily there is a safer alternative, pinched nerve treatment with Laser Spine Institute. It gets to the root of the problem – the bone spur, herniated disc, or other matter that is pressing on the nerve and causing you pain – and it does so with a minimally invasive procedure that has many benefits when compared to traditional pinched nerve treatment, including a high rate of success.

    Other benefits of laser spine surgery include:

    • No use of general anesthesia.
    • Small incision, which decreases the chance of infection.
    • No hospitalization.
    • A quick recovery time that is often less painful than recovery from traditional surgery.

    All of these benefits make LSI’s treatment safer for patients, especially the elderly, who face more serious risks from infection and general anesthesia. Just as important, more than 85% of our patients say the quality of their lives improved within three months of having surgery at LSI, and some even experienced instant relief on the surgery table.

    If you’re interested in pinched nerve treatment at Laser Spine Institute, contact us today to receive a free MRI or CT scan review.

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