Laser Back Surgery at Laser Spine Institute: Why Should You Choose LSI for Your Surgery?

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    Laser Back Surgery at Laser Spine Institute: Why Should You Choose LSI for Your Surgery?

    Once you realize that laser back surgery is the best option for your herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, or other condition, you then must choose where to go for your surgery. There are multiple facilities in the U.S. offering various types of laser back surgery, but none of them has the range of experience and capabilities that Laser Spine Institute does.

    Laser Spine Institute performs more minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgeries per month than any other laser back surgery facility in the world. Our staff of more than 350 dedicated personnel includes eight expert surgeons, 22 doctors, and 200 other medical professionals. Everyone at LSI has dedicated his or her career to the complete comfort and service of our patients and their families.

    The following are more reasons you should choose LSI for your laser back surgery:

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      • We have performed thousands of endoscopic spine procedures for a range of conditions such as bulging discs, pinched nerves, and bone spurs.
      • We frequently perform multiple procedures together so that you do not have to return for more treatment—saving you time and money and relieving your pain faster.
      • We are the largest laser back surgery center in the world.
      • More than 80% of our patients report improvement in their quality of life within 3 months after their laser spine surgery.
      • Our dedication to sanitation and patient safety has resulted in an infection rate of less than 0.1%, compared to the national hospital average of 4%.
      • In addition to our state-of-the-art medical facilities, LSI provides a spa-like experience with our shuttle service, delicious catered meals, free Internet access, plasma TVs, and more.
      • We have a range of diagnostic tools, enabling our doctors to obtain a precise diagnosis before surgery.

      At Laser Spine Institute, our warm, compassionate medical professionals are well trained in providing the safest and most comprehensive care possible. When you need laser back surgery, come to the place that has revolutionized the treatment of spinal disorders—Laser Spine Institute.

      Please contact us today to start the process of getting your life back. Simply contact us for a free MRI or CT scan review of your condition and to discuss your options.

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