Pinched Lumbar Nerve Sufferers Can Benefit from Surgery at Laser Spine Institute

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    Pinched Lumbar Nerve Sufferers Can Benefit from Surgery at Laser Spine Institute

    Living with a pinched lumbar nerve can be unbearable. The tingling, numbness, and radiating pain can limit your movements and make something as benign as a nap uncomfortable. You’re experiencing these symptoms because something—perhaps a bone spur, a chunk of cartilage, or a slipped, bulging or herniated disc—is pressing on a nerve in or near the spinal cord in the lower back. This causes inflammation and pain at the site, as well as down the legs to the feet in some cases. To treat pinched lumbar nerve pain, your doctor may try several approaches or a combination of them to relive your pain using the least invasive method possible.

    Potential treatments include:

    • Abstaining from activity
    • Physical therapy
    • Stretching and strengthening exercises
    • Traction
    • Over-the-counter pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications
    • Surgery

    Surgery isn’t required in the majority of pinched nerve cases, but when it is, considering endoscopic treatment at Laser Spine Institute is a good idea. Not only is it generally more effective than traditional open-back surgery, but it’s often safer too. That’s because it’s performed as an outpatient procedure in a surgery center. That allows our patients to avoid the hospital environment which is prone to harboring infection-causing germs. Additionally, our surgery requires no general anesthesia and uses only one, centimeter-long incision. These factors also reduce the risk for side effects and contribute to a shorter recovery time.

    If you have a pinched lumbar nerve and you’d like to learn more about the treatments we offer, contact LSI. We’ll review your CT scan or MRI for free. 

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