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    Although you body is going to heal at its own natural pace, there may be some things that you can do to help aid in the recovery process and speed things along. It is important to learn proper lifting and carrying techniques as many pinched nerve injuries occur at work. Learning these methods will help to reduce your chances of aggravating the injury and lengthening its healing time. Correct your posture, as often this will lend to the aggravation being caused to a nerve by pinching off the blood flow. Good nutrition and an abundance of rest will also help in the healing process.

    Aerobics - pinched nerve exercise

    Because your nerves require blood and nutrients to be pumped to them through arteries, it is very important to keep you heart healthy and working at maximum efficiency. Being inactive, sitting at a computer all day, laying in bed or just plain and simple leading a lazy lifestyle is a recipe for disaster. It is important to mix in a good aerobic exercise routine to keep you heart in good condition. By increasing the hearts condition more blood and nutrients can be pumped to the pinched nerve helping the nerve to heal quicker.

    Prolonged bed rest and low activity levels will also start to take its toll on other functions, affecting you ability to see, think, and hear properly. It is estimated that for a forty five year old man to make it through the day, he will require an expenditure of forty five percent of his normal strength and by the time that man is seventy five he will require an astonishing ninety percent of his power to do the same. Due to this fact, as we as it is important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Physical therapy - pinched nerve exercise

    Often recommended to aid in decreasing spasms or tightness in the muscle, physical therapy and chiropractic work can be quite useful in preparing you for an active exercise program aimed at improving blood flow. This treatment can often be very successful but if you feel your pain become worse or you start to feel new sensations of numbness or tingling it is possible that you should seek different treatment.

    For temporary relief, massage therapy can be useful for loosening muscles and decreasing muscle spasms. This will help to start getting your blood flowing but is of limited benefit if you do not continue on with an aerobic exercise routine to keep the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

    If conventional treatments are not providing results for you, surgery may become a viable alternative for you. Like most of the other pinched nerve treatments, surgery will help to correct the problem that is creating the “pinch”, but it’s up to you to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle increasing the flow of blood and nutrients sent to the damaged nerve.

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